Applicant Info

All Applicants must be members for at least 2 weeks prior.


In the community, a moderator can be expected be given an area to watch over and moderate as the title implies. This could be our discord, online forum, facebook or a combination thereof.

What we look for in moderators

In mods we look for people who have free time, are active and have a good sense of judgement. You will be expected to settle arguments without bias. You must be at least 16 years old to apply for moderator.


Admins handle more things than moderators. It is more responsibility overall. As an admin it would be your job to supervise the moderators and the discord. Admins are moderators with more power and responsibility, when something goes wrong the mods will ask you for help. The staff may give you tasks as well. 

What we look for in admins

In admins we look for people that are respectful, active, and dedicated to the community and its members. We need people that understand the goals and are willing to help in any way they can for the  interest of the community. You must be 17+ to apply for admin.


Staff members are the top of the chain of command. This position is very difficult to keep because it demands a lot. Staff members are expected to be active, and able to make decisions in the interest of the community. Staff must be unbiased in everything they do and must be able to handle pressure from people and situations. 

What we look for in staff

We seek out the admins that are actively engaging in the community, and show effort and dedication to the community. We seek the people that fully understand what we are and what we are trying to accomplish as well as how we want to do it. This position demands moral integrity, honesty, and loyalty to the community.

You can not apply for this position, you are selected. All staff members are 18+.

Additional Information

All of the aforementioned positions can be applied for in one application, all applicants will agree to the waiver stated at the bottom. This waiver is also posted in our community guidelines. All applicants must be a member of the community- both the discord and the website. You may be required to be on our facebook page due to positional requirements. Staff Members are required to disclose their full name (first and last) and a form of contact other than discord to the rest of the staff (not admins or mods). If you are uncomfortable with this, do not accept position offers. You can still apply for mod or admin without giving detailed info. 

We have high expectations for anyone with positions in the community. We expect you to uphold our standards of honesty, loyalty and integrity.

People in positions are expected to be respectful to their superiors, address them as "Sir" or "Ma'am" as appropriate.