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We have to watch our backs as new and old threats arise.

On New years day there was an attack on our community by a former administrator- luckystantheman. He and his group attempted a purge of the community which they nicknamed 'Operation Hidden Phoenix". Lucky used his power as an admin to kick everyone from our discord server where most of our members resided; as a result we have to start over with new people and it isn't easy. As well as purging our discord he stole our twitter account, changed the password, and changed the bio to deface us.  Even recently he tried to steal our google account. Note* all accounts have been recovered and are secured. We have screenshots of messages, audit logs and other stuff which will be released with this update. Two people have been banned in association with these attacks - Luckystantheman; and planejaguar. 


These people have also claimed that our second in command, Lieutenant Commander Cody, was involved in the attack although we have definitive proof that he is innocent. Hence we will not be removing him. Finally, lucky used the control of the community twitter to report Commander Maverick's personal twitter. If you have any information for us regarding the attacks you can message any staff member via discord or website.


From here on out we will be operating a little differently than we have in the past focusing more on the community itself rather than the games we're involved with. Let us know if you have any suggestions or features you'd like added. Rebuilding the community will not be an easy task but We are confident we can make it happen together.

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