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Celebrating 5 years of creativity and curiosity!

Phoenix Gaming  is celebrating its fifth year of inspiring creative young minds. What started as a small clan on Call of Duty has turned into so much more. From building space rollercoasters to filming cinematic videos, we 've had many projects for everyone to enjoy.

A brief history of Phoenix Gaming

We started as a mere Call of Duty WWII clan back in early 2019 by the name of ACDC - the Airborne Commando Division Central. Our numbers were small but we made a name for ourselves by playing in online matches of TDM and Clan vs Clan skirmishes. Eventually the player base started to die off and we transitioned to other things. This transition period is when ACDC became Phoenix GamingThe rebrand was finalized December 8th, 2020 which we now celebrate as our anniversary day. We have undergone a few rebrands after that as well for logo designs and slogans. At the height of the community we had ~300 members until a former admin kicked everyone. We've been rebuilding since then and are only halfway back; although we have made much progress in other areas as well.


Our current logo was hand drawn and digitized by Maverick's friend Ty Nguyen. Edits and variations are done by Maverick



"It's a chill place where everyone can come together, laugh, and just have fun."

Member since 2021



"The community is pretty chill. Great if you like different multiplayer games."

Member since 2019



"My favorite part of the community is the people. It's never a dull moment when we're together."

Member since 2020

A Message From Our Staff

At Phoenix Gaming, while we do want our members to have fun, our number one priority is the safety of our users, especially minors. We will not tolerate harassment, hazing, hate speech or racial slurs.

See more in our Community Guidelines.

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