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Joint Base Phoenix
Training Guide for ETs/ OTs

Part one: Drill pads

* Announce the event in game with the command ;h

          - use the color green when announcing ETs / OTs

          -Example- ;hg An ET is being hosted at the drill pads; fall in for a chance to be promoted (1/3)

          -Announce the ET/OT 3 times before locking the event.

*Once the event is locked, title all of your trainees

* Start introducing yourself

          -Ex: "My name is Maverick and I am your host today. You will address me as (your rank) or 'Sir'

          -If you have a co-host they can introduce themselves as well

* Proceed to explain some rules

          1. Request permission  to speak with 'PTS'

          2. Alert me if you need to go AFK, and say how long

          3. Have good behavior and grammar during the training, act mature

* Ask if everyone understands facing movements, then proceed with them.

          - Help people out if they need it; we use real commands for the most part

             such as Right/Left face, About face, Half Left/Right face, parade rest, present arms, stand at ease, etc

* Tell them to 'SFL, on me', then walk them to the obstacle course

           - Do not walk in the road, use the crosswalks when leading a platoon

           - call 'Forward, March' to begin the platoon marching

Part 2: Obby

* When you get to the obby say 'halt' and tell them to STS on the pads

* Explain the rules of the obby if they dont know them

* Tell them to STS on the line

           - Blue line for ETs (race obby); White line for OTs (long obby)

* Tell them to go when the timer appears

           - ;countdown is the timer command

           - ETs should be given between 35-60s to complete the small obby (Host's choice);

              OTs will be given between 110-170s to complete the long obby (host's choice)

* Trainees will be STS on the red line when done the obby

            - Title the first one done 'BO' and the second 'PO+'

* Call SFL, and proceed to the classroom.

Part 3: Classroom

* Call 'halt' outside the classroom, then have them STS on the pads inside

* go over the classroom rules, (they're posted in game)

* Ask each trainee questions (for ETs- 2 questions each, OTs- 3 questions each)

            -it is up to you to make the questions, but here are some exapmples

            -something about ranks

            -something about divisions

            -something about real life military/ div (OTs only)

* If a recruit correctly answers their questions, they pass

            -When a trainee passes, have them reset, come back in formals, and stand against the wall

            -Title them 'Passed'

* If a recruit did not answer their questions right, they fail.

* Have the trainees SFL, then lead them to the graduation pads between the TRADOC Buildings

Part 4: Graduation

* Call 'halt' at the pads.

* Call for a wedge formation

              -If you have too many to fit in a pic, have them STS on the graduation pads

* After you screenshot the ET, dismiss the recruits.

* Log the training on the discord using the correct format provided. A mod will rank the recruits of they are eligible for a promotion.

Strike System:

* ETs have a 3 strike system, OTs have 2. this includes the entirety of the ET/OT from facing movements                 to graduation

* Title your trainees 'S1', 'S2', when fit, or 'Dismissed' if they fail the ET/ OT

* If a trainee fails to do the obby in the given time, give them 1 strike. If they skip or otherwise cheat, give 2         strikes.

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