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Joint Base Phoenix
Rules & Regs

1. Do not enter staff offices without permission or invitation. This is a serious offense and will get you a temporary ban immediately.

2. Obey your Drill Instructors at all times. If you have a problem with your instructor, report it to staff or make a ticket on discord.

3. Wear your Uniform at all times. 

This means PTs when in training, Class A's (Formals) for graduations or events that need it, OCPs while roaming the base. Exceptions to this are Guests, HICOMs and Staff

4. lethal force should not be your first choice for resolving problems. If there is something serious, call for a moderator to assist you.

5. No random killing. You will be kicked from the game, and if you continue, a temp ban.

6. Exploiting is an instant permanent ban.

7.  Do not interfere with trainings. You will be moved/ jailed/ frozen.

8. Do not Reset or Leave to Avoid Punishment (LTAP). This is a bannable offense.

9.  Punishment is at the staffs discretion. If you think an admin or mod has acted unfair or abused power, open a staff-only ticket on discord to report it.

10.  Do not ask for role or ranks. Asking will get you blacklisted.

11.  Ask if you don't know. If there is something you are unsure about, ask us. Proceeding to do an action against our rules will get you punished whether it was by mistake or not.

12. Do not abuse commands. You will have your rank removed, commands blacklisted.

This includes spamming for staff help or spam in general

13. Use R6 (blocky) model while in Formal Uniforms or while taking group pictures. If a uniform does not look good in your package type (staff's discretion), you will be changed to blocky.

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