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Partnership Requirements

In order to partner with the Phoenix Gaming­™, there are a few requirements you'll have to meet to even be considered. They are as follows:

  • The owner/ applicant must be at least 18 years old; no exceptions.

  • The organization/ group/ server requesting a partnership must have at least 100 existing human members

  • The organization/ group/ server must act in an official manner; no poor grammar, underage staff/members or non-english groups (yet).

  • The owner/ applicant and relevant staff must already be/ become a member of Phoenix Gaming™ (If you are unsure what this means, see the FAQ)


Here at Phoenix Gaming, we don't believe in that standard ad for ad type of partnership. Our partners have to have a personal touch, we want to be involved in what's happening so that we can help each other grow in a unique way. So how do we do our advertising? It's all done through our website, see the example below.

With a partnership we will post a strip on our website dedicated to your group/ organization. It will look something like this:

Partner Strip Example

Your banner/ Graphic goes here

Title/ description here. Be as descriptive as possible.

Add a logo here (if you want)

Link to your group here (under logo, or clickable logo)

An announcement will be made on our discord/platforms regarding your partnership, but it will be linked to this strip so use your space wisely!

Now here's the other side of it. Partnerships go two ways- we help you and you help us. That's it. It's literally that simple.
Here's what we want: an announcement to your group/ organization, and a permanently visible link to our website- We want this permanently visible because of the nature of our platform, its not as easy as copy and pasting an advertisement like most discord servers do. Our discord is not our main focus, so we direct traffic to this site first.

If your group is based on discord, this is as easy as an @everyone and a locked voice channel.

Discord Example image
Image by Igor Karimov

Looking For Something More?
Become an affiliate!

And get access to all of our business tools

Being an affiliate is like being a partner but more in depth. Think of it in the sense of how businesses work, afterall we are a business by technicality. When you you become an affiliate it is like saying "I am my own organization but I operate under Phoenix Gaming." It's not merging your group, and it certainly is not us taking over. It is you working under our structure and organization until you want to be your own entity again without any help. You'll be branded under Phoenix Gaming, while still maintaining your individuality.

(Discord) Want to be a part of the community but still own your own server? Then become a sub-server. Have your own name and theme while working for Phoenix Gaming. We provide a specialized logo for our sub servers. Ask Maverick for more info, you'll have to put in an application for communityy admin and affiliate.

Affiliate/ Sub Benefits

Cooperative Staff

When you become an affiliate of Phoenix Gaming, Our staff will work hand in hand with each other to help inspire growth and prosperity of each organization. Instead of just one of our staff joining your group/ organization to help, you'll get all of us!

Business Tools

We have a variety of business tools with our website from targeted advertising on multiple social platforms, promotions on our social medias, and E-mail campaigns.

We even have business emails.

Custom Webpage

Affiliates of Phoenix Gaming have the opportunity to sit with our staff and design a custom webpage for their organization.
The page includes a custom URL

It allows easy sharing of your organization and information.

Difference between Partners, Affiliates, and Sub Servers

The difference can be hard to tell so let's break it down. Partnerships have the least involvement from Phoenix Gaming, Ad for ad and cooperative staff. Affiliates are branded under Phoenix Gaming, but maintain their individuality and separate ownership. Sub Servers are owned and ran by Phoenix Gaming Administrators, making them owned by us but giving that admin complete control of how it is run. If you still have questions, don't be afraid to ask us!

Got it all figured out?

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